Mang Lian

Mang Lian

Mang Lian – Team Associate

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Hello, I’m Mang Lian, a licensed Arkansas real estate agent associated with Twin Oaks
Realty, Inc. We serve Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Louisiana. I’m currently residing in the beautiful region of Northwest Arkansas where I work at Tyson Foods Inc. as an analyst, based at the world headquarters in Springdale, Arkansas. My educational background is in International Economics with an emphasis in Finance and Business Administration, and I’m currently pursuing an MBA in finance slated for completion next year.

Originally born in Myanmar (Burma), I embarked on my journey to the USA in 2010. My language proficiency extends to Hakha Chin, English, and Burmese, enabling me to effectively communicate with a diverse clientele. Within my community, many individuals are involved in buying and selling  poultry farms which I’ve witnessed to be a challenging process at times. This observation sparked my keen interest in becoming a real estate agent driven by a genuine desire to simplify and enhance the buying and selling experience for my fellow community members.

Having assisted some of my relatives with their poultry farm acquisitions, and currently residing on a farm myself, my understanding of the poultry industry and the real estate market is both comprehensive  and invaluable. If you’re seeking seamless and efficient support in your real estate endeavors, whether buying or selling, I am here to help. Don’t hesitate to reach out via call or text, and together, let’s make your buying  and selling process simple and easy.

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