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About Us

There are several methods for coming to some estimation of your farm’s market value. But one thing is clear: buyers determine the price of properties, not sellers. If sellers determined the pricing, there would be no limit to how much someone could get for their farm. As a seller, you wouldn’t sell your place for $500,000 if you could just ask for $2 million and get it would you? This is one of the many reasons to use an experienced brokerage. We have the best access to weigh the variables, check the recent sale prices, talk with reliable lenders, show you who your competition is, and give you a strategy that will put a “SOLD” sign in place of the “FOR SALE” sign. Let our agricultural brokerage do the heavy lifting for you.

Why use Twin Oaks Realty Incorporated? Why not sell it myself?

In this day, people expect legally binding contracts and professionally crafted offers. Using a paid professional organization puts you in a second party position and lets you negotiate on your terms and time frame. When sellers and buyers are face to face someone usually gives away more than they planned because of the pressure of the moment. While it won’t exempt you from responsibility, using an experienced agency puts you in a better legal and personal “safety zone.” Moreover, if you have to do your own marketing, you’ve got to put money up front. Using Dan means you pay only on the day you close to a price you’ve already agreed on. Pay nothing up front and get your place marketed without fretting! What a deal! Do you have a marketing plan? We do! (Notice you are reading a page we wrote…)

Well, how much are you going to charge me?

Give us a call or send an email and we will tell you! We work for fair prices and have satisfied clients.

In fact, here is what one has said:

“I would give Dan my highest recommendation as someone to assist in the sale or purchase of a poultry farm. His honesty, integrity, and knowledge is second to none. We purchased our farm in 2009 while still living in Illinois. Through the long distance process, Dan was more than patient with our questions and concerns. He understood what major change we were making and did everything he could to make the transition a positive experience. His dedication and knowledge led to the purchase of our farm and we couldn't be happier with the outcome.” Written 3 years after the purchase in late 2009!


  Dan Schwieder Chief Executive Officer and Principal Broker of Twin Oaks Realty, Inc.,
He was born and raised in Northwest Arkansas, more specifically in Siloam Springs. Dan has a true appreciation for this region and is a great fit for clients who desire to relocate/buy/sell land, poultry farms, and homes here in Northwest Arkansas.
Dan's specialty is poultry farms; he was raised by a farmer and operates his own broiler farm today. Buyers and sellers have found his experience to be very helpful throughout the entire transaction process (from listing properties, showing properties, assisting with lender items and seeing the transaction through to the closing date). Dan strives to provide expertise, high quality service and personal integrity with each client. Dan has ten (10) years of experience as a broker, twelve (12) years as a realtor, two college degrees, and seventeen (17) years of agri-business; he is a match when looking for a Broker!
Dan is delighted to serve a wide range of homeowners, professionals, leaders, and laborers in their real estate needs.
Dan is married to Amber and they have three boys (Sam, Jake and John). He enjoys spending time with his family, friends, and church when he is not working with clients
  Tegan Nance Office Manager / Arkansas Licensed Agent
Tegan is from Cincinnati, AR and has deep family roots in this little community just south of Siloam Springs. After finishing high school Tegan went to work in a couple of large local companies where she had many management and financial responsibilities. After Twin Oaks recruited her she started working in the office part time in January of 2017. During 2017 she worked a full-time job and studied for her real estate license and passed the qualifying test while traveling! In January of 2018 she went full time for the company as Office Manager/Dan's personal assistant and AR licensed Real Estate Agent. Tegan and her husband Heath just purchased their first farm-----------The only heels she wears are boots.
  Kristin Hignight Operations Associate
Kristin Hignight was raised on a farm in northwest Arkansas. It was here she learned the importance of hard work, self-discipline, and teamwork alongside her brother and two sisters. After she graduated college with her Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing she worked for 10 years as a nurse in local hospital emergency rooms and ICUs. In 2015 the poor health of her youngest daughter caused her to stop practicing nursing, although she continues to keep up on areas of interest in medicine. While she never thought of herself as doing anything outside of nursing she is enjoying working for Twin Oaks and learning about the real estate market.
Kristin and her husband Ben have three daughters and live on 40 acres of the family farm. When she isn’t busy homeschooling their girls or taking them to games, events, and appointments, Kristin enjoys reading, continuing her study of medicine, riding horses, and spending time with her family.

Poultry Farmers helping other Farmers Buy and Sell.


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